Wednesday, September 16, 2009

please do not disturb.

Last weekend, I joined my step brother for a little getaway, so to speak.  We headed up to his cottage with nothing but the essentials, coffee, booze, cigarettes, laugh, and etc.  This was my first time going to his cottage, previously his Dad took his life in that very spot, hense he now has it in his possession.  ( Some of you know I'm not a what you call it, "a normal kid" I just understand somethings people cannot. )  I walked into the building and immediately got weird vibes from it's own presence.  Like a stale and disturbed energy, and for some reason it was pulling me to the back of the building...  I walked into what looked like a bedroom, untouched, dusty in it's condition.  As soon as I stopped moving I felt as if I wasn't supposed to be in there.  Back to the Crew and party.  Last one up, last one to put out the fire, just drinking to shake of that vibe.  I eventually cleaned everything up and crashed on the couch in the sun room.  Late in brewed out witching hours, I got this weird tingling on my face, realized right then and there it was a spider mowing on my flesh.  slapped my face, and shook my hair out and in that moment, I felt that static once again, whipped my head to the side just to see this black figure intensely coming forward over my body.  In shear shock, I passed out.  Waking up to tell my brother to "Sell it now!"

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