Tuesday, September 29, 2009

passed back

today is for tomorrow,
yesterday a sorrow we'll never have to suffer again.
alas, bring me to the light.
I know there is a sun over the horizon,
i can wait here forever.
Sometimes the night doesn't seem long enough,
frozen in a stand firm and free,
knowing all the while i'll drift away.
content, filler, content i am.
Knowing I am spam in a pre-processed world,
connected; feeding you my status.
tubed into a cold, unfeeling apparatus,
stick stuck, fat pockets let me breathe.
every poison my heart desires, on fire, a spire to my gods,
across the world; the press shall read,
despite our imperfections, we are balanced.
un fou, a le sandwich de la vie,
burnt toast and burned out, tossed out for better bred,
delightful tastes of waste, it's what we do well,
buy sell buy sell buy sell
i choose page 34,
and walk through a door to a distant future landscape
on a mount of snow in the search of destiny
the sun comes up, melts the snow, the landslide pulls me down but i struggle back up through the rubbish and spam and find my feet once again on solid grounds of a disintegrating castle.
wah wah wahhhhhhhhhh.

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