Wednesday, September 23, 2009

40th and Main.

40th and main ?
what be?
when it came to me.
does it explain?
torment and pain?
the same, 
all the same.
painted in purple,
on main st. perhaps?
i'm confused now.
all up and down,
these hidden subways,
torn and tapped out, 
restricted, but not conflicted.
when all is said and done.
these streets are ripe with decay,
ah, to a bright light delight.

don't ever give up.

here's a funny big word!


1 comment:

Bleedpoet said...

See you on main street
I'll have my head in my hands
be bent backwards trying to make rent
taken by the storms heaven sent
to pay the rent
and when you ask where the money went
I'll smile
because that's just my style.