Tuesday, September 29, 2009

passed back

today is for tomorrow,
yesterday a sorrow we'll never have to suffer again.
alas, bring me to the light.
I know there is a sun over the horizon,
i can wait here forever.
Sometimes the night doesn't seem long enough,
frozen in a stand firm and free,
knowing all the while i'll drift away.
content, filler, content i am.
Knowing I am spam in a pre-processed world,
connected; feeding you my status.
tubed into a cold, unfeeling apparatus,
stick stuck, fat pockets let me breathe.
every poison my heart desires, on fire, a spire to my gods,
across the world; the press shall read,
despite our imperfections, we are balanced.
un fou, a le sandwich de la vie,
burnt toast and burned out, tossed out for better bred,
delightful tastes of waste, it's what we do well,
buy sell buy sell buy sell
i choose page 34,
and walk through a door to a distant future landscape
on a mount of snow in the search of destiny
the sun comes up, melts the snow, the landslide pulls me down but i struggle back up through the rubbish and spam and find my feet once again on solid grounds of a disintegrating castle.
wah wah wahhhhhhhhhh.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Worked to death

The joints no longer bend
I twisted wet and weary
Waiting for a day to come
When I can rest.

And the blessings I've been forgiven
Living in an akward shell
Knowing everyone is trying as hard
To make a living
And I'm living it up as well
In my own wired way.

Instances granted
Take to much for granite
The eroding planet
No time for crying as the body
Many ways it could be much worse
Cause I know I'll crawl back
To my warm bed.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Run down for a reason

Feel the season change
The wind blows
And I know
I'm rundown for a reason,
Putting a little sweat in to grease the
Cogs on the clock of tomorrow,
Doing time in an exausted state
For the elation of the end result.

Been on easy streets to long
Skipping merrily by on smiles
And now
Still smiling
I am pushed to the limit of my resources
But it is not discourse I feel
Just the regret that I can't keep up
With the social world
In this box I have framed
Making new freinds I don't have time to drink with,
Old freinds I haven't seen in months,
And may not for years.

Please be patient with me,
On the other end
I'll be a better friend.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

40th and Main.

40th and main ?
what be?
when it came to me.
does it explain?
torment and pain?
the same, 
all the same.
painted in purple,
on main st. perhaps?
i'm confused now.
all up and down,
these hidden subways,
torn and tapped out, 
restricted, but not conflicted.
when all is said and done.
these streets are ripe with decay,
ah, to a bright light delight.

don't ever give up.

here's a funny big word!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Circles never sent

I wrote you a poem
A rant
An irrelevant piece of prose
I suppose you could see now
If it had sent,
But some crook of programming
Blocked my shot at explanation
For the frustration I feel
For not calling.
I've been racing around
Knowing I'll get up before I've had the chance to sleep sound
Bound to sweat for my welfare
To stubborn for welfare
Jobs overlapping
Slapping myself silly
To stay awake
Breaking commitments silently
Feel like an ass for passing as something less then all I can be
No periods,
Just a run on day
In steel shoes with a walking blues
Stradling my brow
Knowing some how
It will all be okay.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

please do not disturb.

Last weekend, I joined my step brother for a little getaway, so to speak.  We headed up to his cottage with nothing but the essentials, coffee, booze, cigarettes, laugh, and etc.  This was my first time going to his cottage, previously his Dad took his life in that very spot, hense he now has it in his possession.  ( Some of you know I'm not a what you call it, "a normal kid" I just understand somethings people cannot. )  I walked into the building and immediately got weird vibes from it's own presence.  Like a stale and disturbed energy, and for some reason it was pulling me to the back of the building...  I walked into what looked like a bedroom, untouched, dusty in it's condition.  As soon as I stopped moving I felt as if I wasn't supposed to be in there.  Back to the Crew and party.  Last one up, last one to put out the fire, just drinking to shake of that vibe.  I eventually cleaned everything up and crashed on the couch in the sun room.  Late in brewed out witching hours, I got this weird tingling on my face, realized right then and there it was a spider mowing on my flesh.  slapped my face, and shook my hair out and in that moment, I felt that static once again, whipped my head to the side just to see this black figure intensely coming forward over my body.  In shear shock, I passed out.  Waking up to tell my brother to "Sell it now!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


i can taste you,
throw out the old bones,
stand firm,
mind the wonder,
now, choke on the idea.
this way,
this way,
this way.
Me, all you precieve me to be.
I, just am.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

we're connected.

i had a dream of you 2 months ago, started searching, 
through this wet coloured acid like dreamstate. deeper, and deeper; adumbrant inner thoughts.
everything was in dark blues, and greens. the landscape was filled with dry trees. the sand like ground was chalk like and swirling.  
then woke up for a split second, to see my room. softly closing my eyes,  i began to view pin up blank letter sized papers, 
all in proper distance... blowing in the wind. violently pulling me back into the vast landscape, directly face first into you, you float as if you were submerged, and as soon as that happened, you whispered, we're connected. and i sprung up out of bed. all distorted, questioning inside, tearing the dream apart for answers. still scarred.
strung out, me o my in my can of worms. still strung out, and sinking..fast.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Day bleeds into night and back to day,
Jealous of the setting sun though I know it works all day.
Waiting for the time to come,
Where I can sleep the night away.
Stay later at barbeques and laugh the evening away,
But alas,
It wasn't yesterday.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009


A emblem of love uncanny
I gave them to you and they wilted like we all do
But the memory of that look
The one in your eye
When they were fresh and new
The vase you put them in and how
They brought pleasant colour to the room
A dying sacrement
To undying love.

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l'amour å la morte.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Letter head

Said I'd send a letter
But something went amiss,
I sealed it with a kiss
And stamped it with my tears,
It keeps coming back to me
Postage due.
I wrote the address clear,
Don't they know to give it to you
Can't they see my love is free,
Why should I pay a fee?
If you get this
Email me.

bleed Poetry - c5.

Bleed Poetry - c4