Monday, August 3, 2009

Sermon to the Sand

Sermon to the Sand

Society, what a monument
you have made,
A babbling tower
crushing the world below it.
Our man made gods of men don't die,
They have world wide memorials
In our time.

Oh society of our time,
bore from the retelling of history
Technology advances
And we adapt or die,
In that order.

Your soul lives as long as the memory of it, looking for fame in all
the wrong places, while the moat fills with blood.

Every person stacked like a tree
Balancing on the belief
Our roots are well sown.

Societies tower mocks
Icarus' sun, Buddha's swan,
Mother natures frailty.

We can plan and prepare
for our futures
But there are no guarantees.

Hope is in the water,
nursing the filth,
feeding the bodies forth,
We grow stronger everyday,
The new is born
The old pass away.

Given every opprutunity
to learn from our mistakes, comfortably numb consumers
Surrounded by the scarred,

Society has made us
who we are today,
Who will whisper our name
When society passes away.

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