Monday, August 3, 2009

The Idea

The Idea

Money counter plus high speed camera,
Put your old photos in,
Fip, fip, fip, fip fip fip, fip,
They're on a memory card, or better
A USB key.

A million dollar idea
And I'll never see a penny
because I whisper
in the deafening mob.

I could visit old man Kodak
I'm sure he has archives to digitize,

Ideas are no good unless understood,
The machine fip, fip, fips, them while the camera snap snap
snaps them off instantly*
(* the most gratifying verb of all)
One after another, she-baam.

The vacation you took to the states,
Hell, download it to a cloud server in cyber space.

And I give it away,
Cause I can't shut up about it.

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