Thursday, August 6, 2009

From the Room

I wondered

Staring out the window

I wandered around

My padded cell.


Each wall

A safety net for survival.







The walls wearing

Dangerously thin.


The Light shines in

From the other side

pungent, brutal

A rape on my eyes.


I try to ignore it

I sit on the floor

And write my silly lines

As the walls disintegrate.


I've been ungrateful in others eyes

Not that I am

Or ever was

I just haven't taken the time to show how grateful I am.


I throw my stainless steel pen

At the glass wall

I watch as the smoke fills the room through the shattered glass

I watch till the very end.


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j.monkman. said...

i know that feeling,
quite well my friend.
woke up from last nights healing sleep ( graveyard design shift )...
at 6pm..
to 12am..
now here i am.
your like, "you pussssy!" lol..
the only thing that's puzzling me,
is that inner static dizzy tracers from outer space feeling.
i'll smoke, and sit with my brothers and ancestors in spirit.
missing my brothers.
you know just hanging out,
laughing.. and junk like that.

have fun tomorrow, or today.. i should say.
grab, a sixer and hit it up.. or would wine choicest?

Bleedpoet said...

Soju, Those koreans know good wine. But first, sleep! may have new place by the time you get here. or very soon there after.