Thursday, August 27, 2009

As Expected

It is in this life
You come to learn
You can lend a hand
But don't expect one in return,
A word is not a vow
No matter how solemnly swore.
No one can predict
What the future has in store,
Patterns emerge
You'll never get used to getting let down.
A world in an axis
Always balanced,
Things come around
The good people know
That suffering is a set up
For better things.
When things are going to well
To prepare for hell.
There is balance in it all,
Sybiotic nature,
The rhythm of a beating heart,
The expanding, collapsing universe,
Within and without.
A path to persue,
Good begatting good,
Bad begatting bad,
Forgivness is key.
Forgive me if I struggle to forget
Every time I've felt let down,
And silently longed to tell you.
I've held back,
Thinking your freindship a gift,
Something not to expect
But be thankful for
When recieved.

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