Thursday, June 25, 2009

The length the bredth

Somehow we forget
our size in comparison to the universe
our composition and our ghosts.

The population of the earth has went extinct
numerous times since we began
ask any 17th century scolar,
I'm sure she would agree.

And all the dust swirls and the atoms twirl
as the earth spins in a spinning galaxy
far from the edge of the universe.

We are alone all together
a life boat with a hole we will plug
with casualties
of waiting to long.

The conveniance of disposability
the damnation of waste on greed,
a new credo will spread
the words of our fathers will echo,
history repeats itself over and over
but nothing ever happens more then once.

Mars spins a little farther from the sun every day
10 to the power of 35 millioon years ago
they could have been a land of milk and honey.

10 to the power of 35 million years from now,
Venusians, or whatever they will call themselves
may find our desolate world in attempts to understand
their own origin.

We are so small in our world
no matter how popular you are
your pride is but a borowed day in infinity.

1 comment:

j.monkman. said...

the day's gone,
remainder, catch, and play.
and sp we cookie cut our way,

vancouverites in small bites,
over consumed, and just over.

recently, i was people watching, to find out that the observer myself was actually in fact the study. three teenagers, walking by glaring and grinning at my disposition and apparel. the braggard's sapped, " Oh my god! Look at what he's wearing... I can't believe he doesn't dress like us!"

so feed us our daily style,
street slander, watering holes, rub out our souls, remove telephones booths and poles. jack us up with 1000mg of emptyness, we are the puppets to the puppeteer.

the planet is pack ratting too many parameciums,
with a ready to drain you smile.

here's a toast to hipster dad's, business men going green just to make the big bucks, the mental health board ( for giving up on all the patients release on these streets. ) to the scenesters ( what fucking scene ) and last but not least... life.

what a tangled web we weave.