Thursday, October 23, 2008

New dawn

this is the day we wake up and take on the world
Yesterday was a laughable excuse
Of what change can be unfurled
Hurling rocks at walls won't change there feelings
Giving quarters to the poor won't break glass celings.

We've been convinced this is the right track
Irrelevant to our wake of destruction
Failing to regard the fact that caring is an emotion
And the heartless towers we build to crumble won't care
As they crack under the weight of time.

Every condo to a slum will become,
Mold infesting the poorly laid corners
Warranty timers set to self destruct
Disposable income and disposable toys
So outdated you will become jaded of tomorrow.

When the children ask you why they can't retire
When the mesh of societys safety nets expire
The investment blind into an uncertain future
Being sold stability and toxins in a breath.

I give you this much, in the same boat
White knuckle grip on the paddle
We are straddling a dangerous beast we can't begin to comprehend
It's size is so it makes these letters seem
But an increment of a louder scream.

In this new dawn, I lay me down, to dreams.

For if we can not fight the fall
Can we still not smile and enjoy the folly
No one lasts forever thankfully
Humanity a sparkle in the eye of an everchanging universe,
All these conditions of survival unbalanced,
But perfectly so.

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