Thursday, October 30, 2008

eating the fruit
Uncleansed fresh from the tree
The juice runs down my chin
I dig in

Civility lost
In a blind act of passion
Collision of bodies
On a plane.

I stand in the garden
Releasing a moan so soft
I could drown the world out,
Never doubt again.

My eve is my Eden
My godess and giver
A reason to be so
A feeling privatly describable
Through the rhythm in by chest.

Never could have guessed it could
Be so good
Never can deny that
I hoped it would.

Have my head on straight
Though my worlds been turned around
I'll be running circles
If I ever touch the ground.

But here on the limb
Gracefully grazing on the sweetest gift
I don't need to come around
I can hide here forever.

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Rachel Monkman said...

dude! thanks for the comment, nice to hear from you!

nice blog, i like the poems :) happy halloween to you too! catch you on facebook, love love xx