Monday, November 3, 2008

One day I found myself
In a rather odd predicament.

I was standing in the middle of a windowless locked room
With a land mine on the floor
Beneath my shoe.

As it had not detonated upon
My initial tread
I dreaded what may occur
If I were to move.

I stood there a while
Contemplaiting my situation nervously
When a thought occurred to me.

I ripped of the sleeve of my shirt
And carefully slid it
Beneath the land mine
Which, as forementioned
Was under my boot.

I then removed my pen
From my pocket
Ever so carefully
As I was sweating profusely
And didn't wish to drop it.

I next fashioned a crude tourniquet
Between my boot and the mine
Making sure there was enough pressure
To simulate my weight.

I then breathed deeply
And proceeded to cautiously
Remove the offending footwear.

My heart beat echoed in the walls
Of my cement cell
The sweat was dripping into my eyes
As tears rolled down to my mouth.

At last I succeeded
I took a seat along the wall
And stared at that boot
Which would have been my end.

I thanked god
Though I'm certain
He had no hand in this situation.

I slept for a while
Hoping my captor would return
I sat there for days
Nearing delerium
Keeping conversations with myself
To keep me sane.

I think I was still sane
Till the day we started arguing.

"throw the boot at the door,"
I interjected,
"it is your only hope for escape."

"But this room is contained,"
I replied,
"In the vaccuum I will surely die."

But against half my will
Half mad,
I got up the strength and courage
To throw the boot at the door.

I stood by the wall opposite
And threw with all my might
At the lock that kept me prisoner.

A flash of light
And suddenly I was free
And suddenly
I ceased to be.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

eating the fruit
Uncleansed fresh from the tree
The juice runs down my chin
I dig in

Civility lost
In a blind act of passion
Collision of bodies
On a plane.

I stand in the garden
Releasing a moan so soft
I could drown the world out,
Never doubt again.

My eve is my Eden
My godess and giver
A reason to be so
A feeling privatly describable
Through the rhythm in by chest.

Never could have guessed it could
Be so good
Never can deny that
I hoped it would.

Have my head on straight
Though my worlds been turned around
I'll be running circles
If I ever touch the ground.

But here on the limb
Gracefully grazing on the sweetest gift
I don't need to come around
I can hide here forever.

Friday, October 24, 2008

If the sign of a good party
is waking up broke and hungover
Yesterday was a complete success.

A special thanks to all who preformed
in a stew of chaos
that just barely made it
now the crying is over
but the ringing in my ears remains
the strain of the echos bashing in my brain
the quiet worry
that i tried to hard in vain

the late books I'll be selling
slow post is my new enemy
snail mail skewed and screwed me
thank god for new Technology
Else wise


Thursday, October 23, 2008

New dawn

this is the day we wake up and take on the world
Yesterday was a laughable excuse
Of what change can be unfurled
Hurling rocks at walls won't change there feelings
Giving quarters to the poor won't break glass celings.

We've been convinced this is the right track
Irrelevant to our wake of destruction
Failing to regard the fact that caring is an emotion
And the heartless towers we build to crumble won't care
As they crack under the weight of time.

Every condo to a slum will become,
Mold infesting the poorly laid corners
Warranty timers set to self destruct
Disposable income and disposable toys
So outdated you will become jaded of tomorrow.

When the children ask you why they can't retire
When the mesh of societys safety nets expire
The investment blind into an uncertain future
Being sold stability and toxins in a breath.

I give you this much, in the same boat
White knuckle grip on the paddle
We are straddling a dangerous beast we can't begin to comprehend
It's size is so it makes these letters seem
But an increment of a louder scream.

In this new dawn, I lay me down, to dreams.

For if we can not fight the fall
Can we still not smile and enjoy the folly
No one lasts forever thankfully
Humanity a sparkle in the eye of an everchanging universe,
All these conditions of survival unbalanced,
But perfectly so.